Message From the Universe: All Your Wishes Will Come True

“For every day that goes by, I renew my promises.

And apart from spinning, twirling, and somersaulting as often as possible, they include slaying your dragons, granting your wishes, and basically showing you a really fine time.

Really, really fine.

Your promise was to let me.

There’s nothing we can’t do,
The Universe”

Even though some of your days seems to be the same, they are different in nature and opportunities. Your thoughts today will come to realization in a few months from now so make sure that these thoughts are positive. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and regardless of what you are going through today, you will see changes tomorrow and it is up to you NOT to allow yesterday to repeat itself. When dealing with difficult ordeals, our mind have the tendency to jump into conclusion and feel that this is what we deserve. Our subconscious mind knows that all of this could change for the better but we adamantly feel like these are the cards we’ve been dealt with and should accept it. Imagine yourself as “Rain Man” and able to count cards. You know in advance the next cards from the deck and can anticipate your next move. Your thoughts are of winning and it is up to you to carefully work with what you have to make sure you win the game. When you work on your thoughts, you carefully change the nature of their content, from being negative to positive. You repeat over and over again what you deserve, reminding the Universe what it needs to do to make things happen for you. Everyday is a new day and it should work to your advantage. Some days you might see positive changes happening but other days might get worst to get better. The key is to always keep looking ahead and not let the bad days compromise your future ones.

We all look to live a better life, a healthier life for ourselves and our family. We strive to make changes and become better people. Despite all the violence out there, the media covering depressing news of terrorism, crime, and so much more, we all need to work somehow to not let all this put us down and bring us to the brink of depression. I am not saying to ignore the news but do not let it drown your thoughts with constant negativity. If you are allowing yourself to watch what is going on around you, make sure your mind can digest this information and not let it change your mood for the worst. Focus on what is good for you and how you can change yourself first before you can try to change the world. It all starts from within and not from without. There is so much to look forward to in life and never forget what you already have. Be grateful every day and always stay positive that more is coming your way.

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